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According to our rules for surgical elections, none of these considerations were favorable. Erma Bombeck made her transition on April 22, at a. The cause of death was uremia, a form of self-poisoning, resulting from complications following the transplant operation. Uncle Jack had been doctoring for cancer for over 10 years. Weakened and damaged from the chemotherapy, he developed painful neuropathy in both legs which left him with an unsteady gate. Approximately one week after a new moon solar eclipse on his natal Jupiter, he fell in his garage.

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Aunt JoAnne came home to find him with a gash above his eyebrow, amidst a pool of blood. She rushed him to the emergency room where he was admitted.

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Doctors found internal bleeding on the brain which may have preceded the fall, and performed the first surgery to relieve swelling of his brain. Shortly thereafter, he acquired the dreaded MRSA infection, and a second emergency brain surgery was scheduled. That surgery was performed on the morning of August 16, , exact time unknown.

Since I knew it was in the morning, I present a solar chart for a.

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  • Using our three rules for surgical elections, we see that the second emergency brain surgery was performed on the day of the full moon lunar eclipse. If the surgery began after a. The moon was in Aquarius. My rationale is that central nervous system communication in the brain is electrical as well as chemical, and Uranus rules electricity. Therefore, I consider moon in Aquarius to be in the sign ruling the part of the body being operated upon.

    Of course, Uranus had not yet been discovered so it was not used by the ancients. Uncle Jack expired two weeks later, on August 31, at p. I suspect it was MRSA, coupled with the drugs used to combat the MRSA, sedate him for two back-to-back brain surgeries, and pain control and his already weakened condition. Infections and drugs are both ruled by Neptune, and the eclipsed full moon was applying to conjunct retrograde Neptune, both opposing the sun, on the date of that second operation.

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    I went into renal failure over a year period with a complicated medical history originating from a birth defect. Like Erma Bombeck, I was kept alive on continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis that began on May 27, I had the extreme good fortune of a matching living donor who volunteered immediately.

    It took six months of extensive testing on both of us before we were cleared for the transplant surgery. I wanted to schedule the surgery as soon as possible, but I knew the importance of picking a good date astrologically.

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    The hospital only performed living transplants on Wednesdays and Fridays. I found two good dates in January, but they were already taken.


    The month of February had 2 eclipses and mercury was retrograde, so February was out. There was only 1 good date in March that met the three criteria for favorable lunar phase, aspects and sign, and that was March 14, the date on which I received my transplant. When my transplant operation began, the moon was in her waxing phase, increasing in light, above the horizon. The only aspect she made during the surgery was a trine to mercury. I considered it a minor consideration, and my life was about to dramatically change for the better. The moon was in Gemini when the operation began, which did not rule the kidney the organ to be transplanted nor the stomach where the kidney was to be placed.

    All three major considerations for surgical elections had been favorably met.

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    When this article is published, the transplanted kidney will have been working for 3 years, the definition of a successful kidney transplant by the medical community. Beyond that, I beat the odds in several ways. I did not gain weight from the steroids, I did not develop diabetes, I have had no major infections nor have I been rehospitalized since the operation.

    For all of these reasons, I believe that using the rules for surgical elections had a positive effect. I dedicate this article to my brave and generous donor, Joan Anderson, and to Ronald Lee Herrick, both humble unsung heroes. Herrick donated a kidney to his dying twin brother on December 23, in Boston.

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    • He quietly made world history by being the donor of the first known successful human organ transplant. Ronald Lee Herrick died on December 27, , and there was only a small article released by the Associated Press. On the day he died, transiting Sun was conjunct transiting Pluto, both conjunct transiting north node on the date he donated that kidney.

      My interpretation is that he fulfilled his destiny. Those twins are now together forever, and may they rest in peace.

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      Having studied and practiced astrology since the early s, she now writes, lectures, and teaches nationally. Her special interests include medical and classical astrology, alternative healing modalities, nutrition and metaphysics. Debra can be reached at debrakrozek hotmail. Bombeck, Erma Biography.

      Vivian E. Robson

      Cornell, H. Encyclopedia of Medical Astrology. Llewellyn Publishers, St. New York, NY, Richard Nelson, Miami, FL, To this day, he is virtually the only man to have ever undertaken a study of this magnitude. What makes the Student's Text-Book of Astrology unique is its unparalleled wealth of detail. For each, Robson gives specific rules of judgment and then supplies aphorisms collected from many ancient sources. The result is one of the most comprehensive astrology books ever written.

      Indeed, his knowledge, not only of astrology but of many other sciences, was phenomenal; and few who enjoyed his conversation could fail to go away with an enhanced knowledge of whatever subject had been under discussion. Of these the former is deservedly popular and the latter is a classic, containing as it does a mass of information dating from the days of Greek mythology up to modern times. Carter "I have heard him converse knowledgeably on a dozen and one different subjects.

      I really believe he knew something about everything, but so far as astrology was concerned his versatility showed forth in a phenomenal knowledge of his subject. To converse on astrology with him, even if only for one short hour, was inevitably to gain something new and valuable in the way of experience and information.

      Bailey; Prof.