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October 6, Sam Catanzaro. October 6, wpengine. The large repercussions that our environment faces from glitter. October 5, Sam Catanzaro. By Sam Catanzaro Another large cat in the Santa Monica mountains has died after being hit by a car, the October 4, wpengine.

Santa Monica Mirror Westside Local October 4 — all your fun local events and happenings in under 5 minutes. By Dr. Paul Drew Welcome to the second issue of volume five of Swish, a weekly periodical with recaps and October 4, SM.

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Three weeks ago the Planning Commission approved a unit eight story skyscraper downtown which meets all the requirements of October 3, Sam Catanzaro. You can unsubscribe anytime.


October 2, Staff Writer. October 1, wpengine. October 8, Staff Writer Read more. October 8, Development , News , Santa Monica. October 7, Staff Writer Read more. October 7, Development , Education , News , Santa Monica.


October 6, Sam Catanzaro Read more. October 6, Latest Posts. Life and Arts , News , Santa Monica. October 6, wpengine Read more. Buddha Mercury.


Karkata June to July. Chandra Moon. Simha July to August. Surya Sun. Kanya August to September. Tula September to October. Vrischika October to November. Dhanus November to December. Guru Jupiter. Makara December to January.

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Sani Saturn. Kumbha January to February. Meena Februaryto March. Indian Grahas. Western Names. Moon, Mars, Jupiter. Venus, Saturn, Rahu. Sun, Mercury. Mars, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn. Sun, Moon, Jupiter.

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Venus, Saturn. Mercury, Rahu. Sun, Venus, Rahu. Mars, Jupiter, Saturn,. Sun, Moon, Mars. Saturn, Rahu. Mercury, Venus. Yellow Sapphire. Mercury, Saturn, Rahu.

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Jupiter, Mars. Sun, Moon. Mercury, Venus, Rahu. Blue Sapphire. Dragon's Head. Mercury, Venus,Saturn. Dragon's Tail. Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Rahu. Cat's Eye. Nakshatra in English. Sun Dasa. Moon Dasa. Mars Dasa. Rahu Das. Jupiter Dasa. Saturn Dasa. Mercury Dasa.


Ketu Dasa. Venus Dasa. Stars Nakshatras. It generally governs the head and cerebral hemispheres of the body and is responsible for all the diseases associated with them. The star Bharani governs and is responsible for the diseases associated with the head, cerebral hemispheres and organs within the head and eyes. Various parts of the body like head, eyes, brain, vision, face, neck, tonsils and lower jaw are governed by the Krittika star which is also known as the "Star of Fire".