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Kajol goes pandal hopping with Tanuja and Tanishaa. Obamas mark 27 year anniversary. Being lord of third and twelfth , Mercury is first rate malefic for Cancer ascendant as per vedic astrology.

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It was during mahadasa of Venus and antardasa of Mercury in vedic astrology horoscope of Aamir Khan, when he divorced his first wife Reena. The second marriage of Aamir Khan took place in December when he was under main and sub-period of the Sun. And, as the Sun is conjunct with malefic Mercury, the stability of this second marriage is also doubtful. In the birth chart of Rekha, seventh house is occupied by Ketu. The seventh lord is placed in eleventh house along with exalted Saturn.

Venus is placed in twelfth while ascendant lord Jupiter has gone to eighth house.

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This is vedic astrology horoscope of famous Captain Jack Saprrow i. Johnny Depp. Lord of seventh house is strong and well placed in its own sign.

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His first marriage ended in divorce in when he was running under main period of Moon and sub-period of Ketu. Both these planets are placed in sixth in vedic astrology horoscope of Johnny Depp. In this vedic astrology horoscope of famous bollywood star Sanjay Dutt, it can be clearly seen that seventh lord Mercury is placed in eighth and the same is combust too.

Malefic Saturn is placed in lagna and having its negative aspect over seventh house. Ascendant lord Jupiter is also having its benefic aspect over seventh. Name: Acharya Sonali. Expertise: Love affairs, Financial, Family. Languages Known: Hindi,gujrati. Name: Acharya Sri Keerti Ballabh ji.

Name: Acharya Sudarshan. Name: Acharya Sumit Bhaskar. Name: Acharya Tarang. Name: Acharya Umashankar.

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Expertise: Finance, Health, Business. Name: Acharya Ved Prakash Dwivedi. Expertise: Astrology, Gemstone. Name: Acharya Vedant. Expertise: Astrology, Love, Marriage, Career.

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Name: Acharya Vikaram. Expertise: Horoscope, Kaal sarp yog Indian Jyotish. Name: Acharya Vinayakan.

Expertise: Astrology,Numerology, Gemology and Hastharekha. Name: Acharya Vineet Pandey. Expertise: Horoscope Reading, Marriage, Vastu dosh.


Name: Acharya Yogesh. Name: Ajay Kumar. Name: Anand Bhardwaj. Expertise: Vastu, Jyotish, Astrology. Name: Ananth Battu. Expertise: Astrology, Astro- Psychological, Astro-psycho-somatic Solutions, like stress over, anxiety,sleeplessness, overhanging, addiction, hysteria and lack of confidence, Relaxation and Meditation. Languages Known: Hindi,English,Telugu. Name: Anjana Nayyar. Expertise: Astrology, Love, Gemstone. Name: Archana Akhepuria. Expertise: Tarot, love, marriage, career, job, education, Reiki healing, Chakra Healing.

Name: Ashish Pareek.

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Expertise: Vedic Astrology, Tarot, Numerology. Name: Dr Savita Mahadik. Name: Dr. Ajai Bhambi. Expertise: Vedic Astrology, healer. Sheel Shukla. Ved Prakash. Vickram Aadityaa. Name: Heena Thakkar. Expertise: Career, Business, Money, Marriage. Languages Known: Hindi,gujrati,Marathi. Name: Jothidar Aadi Murugan.

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