Muhurtha electional astrology

ಮುಹೂರ್ತ: Muhurtha - Electional Astrology (Kannada)

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Muhurtha (Electional Astrology)

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Retrieved One can find Indians referring a 'Panchang' or consulting an astrologer for a 'muhurat' when they either want to conduct an important ceremony like marriage, 'upanayan' thread ceremony for 'Brahmins' , 'gruha pravesh' house warming or moving in a new house. Generally, people want to know auspicious days for moving in a new house gruha pravesh and timing of marriage i.

Even politicians and government departments would consult their pet astrologer and fix a muhurtha for oath-taking or inauguration ceremonies! Astrology and Time Astrology has a necessary relation with time.

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It deals with the effects of planetary motions including the sun and the moon. Its basic tenet is the confirmed scientific fact of the effects of radiation on all terrestrial phenomena. That the Hindus discovered it ages before is a testimony to the intelligence and accomplishments of that generation.

The effect of sun's rays on biological activity and those of the moon on psychological processes is well-established. Agricultural activities like planting, cultivation, growth, maturity and harvest are all dependent upon seasonal changes and solar radiation.

What is muhurtha? Why is it important? This can be better understood with regard to its role in astrology. General horoscopy deals with predictions about a native with regard to the time he or she was born. It is static, fixed and beyond one's control or determination. On the other hand, muhurtha is dynamic. One can choose the most suitable or auspicious times at different stages of life where there are chances of changes in one's destiny.

Lee Lehman on Using Planetary Hours with Electional Astrology

Thus a marriage performed on a particular day may change the course of one's life. This is not superstition.

Muhurtha / Election Vedic Astrology

A marriage taking place at an inauspicious time can lead to disastrous consequences or divorce or life-long agony. According to the late Dr. Raman, the greatest Indian astrologer of the modern age, "While horoscopy prescribes, muhurtha remedies". Muhurtha is prescriptive as well as preventive.

The deficiencies noticed in a natal chart can be overcome with the proper application of muhurtha.

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Thus a child diagnosed astrologically as weak in education can be initiated into alphabet learning or first sent to school at an auspicious moment. What is Muhurtha? Muhurtha, essentially means two ' ghatis ' or forty-eight minutes.