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January 20 — February 18 , UT1 [1]. Saturn and Uranus.

Horoscope Taurus

New millennium astrological chart. History of astrology Astrology and science Astrology and astronomy Traditions, types, and systems. Natal Electional Horary. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Aquarius astrology. A new relationship is likely to grow on you also. Anything worthwhile is going to take time to mature with this Saturn transit, but it really will be the case of an ugly duckling turning into a swan.

In the beginning of the year, the Venus square from Jan 18 to 25 tests your new mature approach in relationships. You might feel let down by someone who was just a player, but end up confiding in another who becomes an unexpected rock. The Ceres square from Feb 5 to Apr 28 can also be a challenging time as you adjust to becoming more realistic in your love life and mourn the loss of a fantasy boyfriend.

The early part of the year is not so eventful, but it is all about planting seeds which bare fruit in the second half of the year.

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  6. The sun is shining and the Ceres trine blesses you with radiance from Jun 28 to Jul 22 along with that you are graced with a lush Venus trine from Jul 10 to Now you can really enjoy a roll in a haystack. This is a period for running barefoot in the park with your beloved as this is a highly auspicious time for a blossoming romance, with blossoming being the operative word.

    All outdoor activities in nature bring colour to your cheeks and a partner in picnics. Go out and dazzle in the great outdoors. A jealous little argument makes you realise just how much the other person cares and all ends well. The Saturn trine will help mend any cracks as it is potent relationship glue for you in the next few years. The error could be on your part, as you find yourself being attracted to the forbidden fruit of another.

    Saturn is helping you to defer gratification and build willpower. You get a triple dose of the Venus opposition due to the Venus retrograde from Sep 9 to 28, Oct 10 to 18 retrograde and then again Dec 3 to Venus is joined by the Ceres opposition from Nov 12 to Dec 4.

    Although oppositions can be a bit of a tug of war, the tussle is actually really dynamic and passionate. These two most sensual planets are in your 7 th house of marriage if you are reading for your ascendant. This rocking, to and fro action will add to the romantic theme of this year in general. The re-ignition of an old flame or patching things up with an ex particularly applies to you. Enjoy the re-unification Taurus decan 1! Get ready to say goodbye to the subtle transformation effect of the Pluto trine to your decan over the past few years.

    You get some dark sweet Pluto juice from Jan 1 to Feb 5 and then again in the second half of the year. Even with the kindly trine, there is still quite a lot of detoxing going on in the background which can sometimes feel quite draining. So be kind to yourself and make sure you are replenishing yourself with nutritious food, rest and relaxing times in nature. You are also experiencing a boost in your romantic life too with Jupiter in your house of marriage. The first is Jan 1 to This can be a wonderfully positive time where you can collaborate with benefactors. You attract generous, fun and expansive people into your life and mostly this is from your travels.

    The more you get out into the world the more you can make the most of this blossoming energy. The passion is zooped up by the Mars opposition from Jan 1 to 9 and not only that a short and sweet Venus trine from Jan 3 to 9. Satisfy it.

    Taurus April May 20 Today is a 5 Ask for top dollar, today, for whatever you're selling. Important people are in a generous mood. Gemini May 21 -June 21 Today is a 9 Nobody likes an egomaniac, so try not to brag too loudly. Count your blessings and accept the applause you've earned, graciously. Cancer June July 22 Today is a 5 You'll get the information from behind the scenes. Network with old friends, while promising never to reveal your sources. Leo July Aug. Compromise is amazingly easy to achieve. Virgo Aug. It's good to have a plan.

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    Travel also looks excellent after an awkward start. Scorpio Oct. You may have to get it bit by bit, but that makes it more interesting. Sagittarius Nov. Make inquiries of a couple of people who have more experience. Some day, you'll be the expert, even more than you are now. Capricorn Dec. Let an important loved one know you'll have, more at-home time tomorrow. Aquarius Jan.

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    Stay cool. Books Continued from Page D1 describing the jobs done by members of his immediate and extended family as well as others in his neighborhood. My papi is a nurse," begins Quinito. His abuela drives a truck; his abuelo fixes clocks.

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    He has one cousin going to clown school, and another who's a dentist Various neighbors bake and sell bread, run a store, and work at the bank. Then there is the mailman, who is marrying Sonia Isabel, the woman at the bank, and the seamstress who is sewing the wedding dress Quinito knows them all. And his job?